Children with hyperactivity, clumsiness, co-ordination difficulties, learning challenges, focussing and comprehension difficulties can be helped with Rhythmic Movement Training. Rhythmic Movement Training has also been successful in working with people with anxiety, emotional and behavioural problems.

Rhythmic Movement Training was developed by Dr Harald Blomberg who is a doctor and psychiatrist in Sweden. He has successfully used Rhythmic Movement Training for many years to help children with physical and learning difficulties.

The gentle rocking movements are based on the developmental movements that babies naturally make and during the first year of life. The rhythmic movements develop and integrate infant reflexes and are vital for the laying down the foundations for development of the brain. Some children miss out on these vital stages and this can have a great effect on their learning.

At first the child is rocked by the parent for a few minutes each day, gradually increasing to a maximum of ten minutes. The time and frequency will depend on each child’s individual needs. The child gradually learns to do the rocking actively. The exercises are easy, enjoyable and fun to do. This active process is very much a team effort with Linda, parent and child working together.

Rhythmic Movement Training looks at the whole. We do not fix or diagnose. We encourage and draw out the potential of the person.