Linda is an experienced Private Tutor with an average of 20 children attending individual weekly sessions for reading, writing and spelling instruction. She believes that in order to read, write and spell effectively, children need to have a thorough knowledge of the following:

  • Spoken words are made up of sounds
  • Awareness of all 40 + sounds in the English language
  • Letter sound match and sound letter match
  • Blending sounds together for reading
  • Hearing sounds in words and writing them for spelling
  • Letter formation
  • In addition parents need to regularly read to them high quality stories.

During the first session your child will be assessed in their knowledge of the above skills. Each following session is individually planned to match your child’s needs. Parents sit in with the lessons and observe Linda teaching. In this way they gain an understanding of the process and are able to continue the work at home. Movement training is an important and effective part of each lesson. Linda’s aim is to enable your child to feel confident in their reading, writing and spelling.

Children attend regular weekly lessons either for half an hour, three quarters of an hour or an hour. The sessions are:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 4pm – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 3 pm