Linda believes passionately that all children have a right to be happy, be confident, enjoy friendships and gain knowledge and skills to the best of their ability.

  • Does your child:
  • Have difficulties with attention, balance and coordination?
  • Have difficulties with reading?
  • Find handwriting difficult and is reluctant to write?
  • Have difficulties riding a bike and/or swimming?
  • Have poor short term memory?
  • Dislike unexpected events and change?

Linda uses a range of simple and enjoyable movements that develop attention, balance and coordination, the essential skills for all academic learning. Whether your child was born prematurely or needs help with attention, anxieties, balance, clumsiness, communication, concentration, co-ordination, developmental delay, emotional challenges, hyperactivity and Special Educational Needs, Linda can help your child mature, gain self esteem and reach his or her full potential through Rhythmic Movement Training, Brain Gym and other techniques.

Contact Linda:
Telephone: 01323 645416